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  • Navigating Home Inspections - Furnace

    Monday, January 7, 2019   /   by Karla Martin

    Navigating Home Inspections - Furnace

    BPG has produced a series of videos that will walk you through a variety of home inspection topics.  The first in the series touches on Gutter Maintenance.  

    Your furnace needs to be maintained, with good air flow.  Changing filters between monthly and quarterly is a low-cost way for you to improve the health of your furnace.  Cleaning and evaluating the furnace is a good idea prior to listing your home for sale.  If you have an older furnace, carbon monoxide poising is a risk, so try to schedule inspections twice a year to ensure a healthy system.

    This video is a quick guide to furnace maintenance, courtesy of the Bogar Pilkington Group and Seven Stars Home Advisors.