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  • Murphy Creek K-8 School8

    Aurora, CO | Arapahoe County

    August 30, 2014

    I have taught at MC for several years. This is a great school! I love this community and the parental support. We have a diverse population and the students are wonderful! Lisa Grosz is a wonderful principal and this is the best staff I have worked with.

    Submitted by a teacher

    March 12, 2013

    Bullying? Where? I'm in the building a lot. Don't see bullying. Kids are kind, staff is kind, the principal is kind. Look up the definition of bullying. All kids can be mean at times...so can adults....doesn't mean it's bullying. This is a good school! I'm glad we are here.

    Submitted by a parent

    March 11, 2013

    After attending Murphy Creek K-8 for 2 years, my son really does love this school. He will be heading into 2nd grade, and my daughter will be heading into kindergarten in the fall. We have found that the teachers are wonderful, stimulating, and accommodating to the kids. Our experience with the staff has been very positive. This facility is organized, pro-active, clean, and safe. My son is challenged in class and has made many lasting friendships (both with students and staff). Keep up the good work!

    Submitted by a parent

    March 6, 2013

    My son loves his school. As an only child I wondered if he would do well with older and younger kids. It has been great for his socialization. His teachers have been excellent and I always feel welcome by his class when volunteering. It is truly a community school. I enjoy knowing the kids, teachers and other families. I hope that others share the same experience.

    Submitted by a parent

    March 5, 2013

    My child has severe food allergies and at the beginning of this year we worked with the school nurse, Principal, vice Principal and her kindergarten teacher to provide a safe learning envroment for our child. ALL of the staff at Murphy creek has made a point to get to know my child and are aware of her food allergies. The staff and leadership has confirmed with all the legal requirements regarding food allergies and have even gone beyond to make our family feel that our child is safe happy and healthy.

    Submitted by a parent

    March 5, 2013

    I read some previous reviews and was shocked and outraged. The comments about disorder and 'bad' kids from 'bad' areas are outrageous and false. I am a parent volunteer at MC and I am constantly in the halls, classrooms, admin office, library and lunchroom weekly. Kids of all ages and the adults smile and talk to each other. They hold doors for you, they know me by name and are respectful. The teachers, staff and parent/aid volunteers know all the kids names and I have never seen any issues with misconduct or unruly kids in the lunchroom (which I have visited many times). In regards to bullying individuals must work with the Principal to determine correct action however this school has won awards for their positive roll in teaching about bullying and their program to decrease bullying called PBIS (positive behavior intervention support), look it up on their web site. This school held a fund raiser this year to collect not just coats but also shoes to go for kids in ALL of Aurora who needed them. They collect food on a regular basis for a bank that goes to benefit families in need in the Murphy Creek community. . visit this school at anytime, you will see happy, orderly, fun kids!

    Submitted by a parent

    December 6, 2012

    It's only been a few months and I see the writing on the wall, not difficult to figure out what's going on here. The "riff raff" gets bused in from the ghetto and the faculty cater to them because they feel sorry for them. The good kids get overlooked because there are SO many losers (whom the staff caters to) and there is no discipline. You can tell the faculty is scared of their parents or something. These bad kids, which the ratio is very high, constantly disrupt the learning environment. I am so sad we moved into this neighborhood -- nobody cares, it's nothing but free reign and the kids make the rules. I feel like posting a giant sign warning anybody that wants to buy a house in this neighborhood - BEWARE! Huge disappointment based on the exterior which looks so nice, and WOW! I feel like I am actually sending my kid to get educated in a trailer park or Compton. The test scores are near rock bottom, gee I wonder why. Someone needs to step up and take charge here. My goodness. From: One VERY disappointed family

    Submitted by a parent

    November 16, 2012

    This school is horrible! I am a student at this school coming from a regualr middle school. Losing lockers and passing peiods. This would be a great school for P-5 but not for middle school. Please do not put your kid in here if he is going to middle school. Some kids terrorize some of the other kids and bully them. Some bringing them to tears. This school also lacks in electives. The middle school kids are treated like a toddler. Walking in stright lines and not having to talk in the hallway.Coming from a student , PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ENROLLE YOUR KIDS IN THIS SCHOOL.

    October 11, 2012

    This is my second child and second year at MC. I have to say I love it. Kindergarten is a big step in a child's and mothers life. The staff at MC is amazing! The communication with the teacher (Ms Berkheim) surpassed my expectation. They have created a comfortable, warm welcoming, and safe atmosphere. As a volunteer, I truly enjoy being a part of this community! The entire staff seems dedicated to a safe, BULLY FREE, educational school! Go Jets!

    Submitted by a parent

    October 4, 2012

    I can't say enough good things about Murphy Creek. Both of my children atttend and are doing very well. Ms Varner is an excellent teacher. I love that she sends home weekly e-mails to the parents. This is very helpful since I am divorced and it keeps my ex and I on the same page. Communication has been great and my kids love their teachers.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 4, 2012

    The test results for this school say it all. It is below average. Too bad they bus in the problem children from around aurora to ruin this school.

    June 17, 2012

    Moved out of the neighborhood and school after two years of nothing but pure chaos and turmoil. No rules or supervision, lots of bullying and no team effort from staff or teachers. This school was a huge disappointment and a waste of resources, not to mention a lack of any education in a class size of 32+ students. Testing is a joke, the lunchroom is a mad house, and there is no separation of students based on what is elementary vs. what is middle school age appropriate. No parent involvement, PTO meetings are a waste of time, and there is no authority, period. If you want to throw your child into the wolves...send them to Murphy Creek.

    Submitted by a parent

    June 1, 2012

    Left the school due to lack of ownership. The teacher would rather talk about behavior than education. She didn't do anything to challenge our child and then wondered why he was bored and disruptive. Parents are discouraged from observing class. If there's nothing to hide, a parent should not only be allowed to observe, but encouraged. Also, nothing done about bullying, other than to threaten our child for defending themself. Pathetic school, pathetic teacher, lack of leadership.

    Submitted by a parent

    July 23, 2011

    1. I had a bully issue at this school, brought it to the attention of the teacher, counselor and principal. It was dealt with quickly, respectfully, and we had no other issues. I'm am totally pleased with this school and the way they handle things. My children feel safe and now know they can speak to the adults who WILL and DO handle issues brought to their attention. 2. Remember that CSAP is one test one time a year and is not what I use to really measure my child's learning. I talk to the teachers and am very involved. As a result, my child is making great strides at Murphy Creek as assessed using DRA2, MONDO, Quarterly Assessments, benchmark assessments, etc. The teachers care A LOT. My child has taken CSAP many times. It's amazing how scores vary from year to year...one test...one day. 3. Get involved. The staff wants positive, involved parents. I'm glad I am involved and my child is better for it. 4. It's a good school. I'm sorry some people who have written on Great Schools had one issue, one incident, and bad mouth the school. And I'm sorry Great Schools is an open sounding board for anything and everything. Sad. Get involved and check for yourself.

    Submitted by a parent

    May 10, 2011

    Actually I just reviewed the Murphy Creek overall CSAP scores and was not shocked to see that the student population goes from 50-60 percentile in 3rd grade and then drastically drops to 30-40 percentile in the 8th grade. This is very alarming to me and I would think should be very alarming to other parents that actually want your kid to learn something and become educated. Who really cares where your school ranks if 1 out of 2 kids is failing in reading, writing and math going into high school! I looked up other schools in run down/depressed areas of Aurora and was even more shocked that these schools scores actually increased by 10-20 percent. Our scores unfortunately do nothing but drastically drop. I urge you to click on the test scores tab on individual schools, but the scores are what they are. The Murphy Creek scores are not pleasing.

    Submitted by a parent

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