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    Littleton, CO | Jefferson County

    December 25, 2013

    I must reiterate the disappointment in the lack of help for struggling students and the lack of communication by the staff. By the way, I am an educator with nearly 20 years experience, and if the school where I work was run this way, I would have quit years ago. My son attended the school for just one year and hated the facility, the classes, the culture and most of the teachers. His language teacher scolded him when he answered the questions because he was so far ahead of the other students. He couldn't access his online class until about 6 weeks into the semester, and when he stopped going to class, no one bothered to call or e-mail to find out why. I e-mailed his teachers, but got no replies, and at the end of the year when I e-mailed my disappointment in the school to the principal, I got nothing in return. I guess the apathy starts at the top and works its way down.

    Submitted by a parent

    May 28, 2013

    First child just finished, graduated with honors and headed to School of Mines. Accepted to all 8 engineering programs he applied to, some with nice scholarship offers. As far as academics, I wish they offered an advanced/honors option as an intermediary between the standard offering and AP offering; If you don't want to take the AP version that likely means that several of your classmates in the standard offering will be unruly, uncooperative and disruptive, especially in the lower grades. It is a big school, so be sure to join a club or sport to find your niche. While the seniors didn't like losing their off period to Access this year, as a parent I think it was a great addition and extremely helpful to staying on track. AP Calc teacher is amazing. My child is off to a great start in life and throughly enjoyed his high school years here.

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    January 13, 2012

    We have been so delighted with Chatfield! We are new to the area and our son's teachers really went out of their way to make sure he was adjusting well and understanding their classes. We couldn't be happier!

    Submitted by a parent

    May 20, 2011

    Very disappointed with the quality of teachers, the lack of help for my struggling child and the lack of support as we transferred to the Denver area from out-of-state. I am an educator, with 8 years of experience and believe this school is solely for the well-healed kid who is intrinsically motivated.

    Submitted by a parent

    January 31, 2010

    I've been teaching in public education for eight years now and just got my position at chatfield this past year. So far I am throughly impressed with every aspect of the school. The staff, students, school pride, and programs offered are all exceptional. Of the four schools that I've taught at throughout my career this is the first one that I would feel comfortable about sending my son/daughter too, which I think speaks volumes about the school and the education your child will recieve.

    Submitted by a teacher

    September 6, 2007

    My son is a freshman this year at Chatfield and so far we really like the teacher communication and hands-on teaching styles. The transition from middle school to high school has been an exciting period and we are looking forward to the next 4 years. The building and parking lot improvements are awesome! Our son is enjoying the orchestra and foreign language programs and the US government class with Mr. Daniels is totally engaging. Go Chargers!

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    August 28, 2007

    I think this school has a lot to offer as far as the curriculum. The band program is very unorganized, which is unfortunate. My child's counselor, Emily Smith is fantastic and is very responsive to the kids and their issues or needs. I am hoping that they do not permit kids to smoke on the corner where everyone can see them. There are a lot of fees that seem to be the norm as far as school here in CO and that makes the schools here, at least in Jefferson Co expensive. But, the school itself seems to have no serious issues and the environment seems pretty stable and that is important. The renovations and new fields are awesome.

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